British Journal of Intensive Care

ISSN 0961-7930
Published quarterly

In the latest issue

  • Taking up the challenge of poor oral hygiene
  • Examining the link between SED and ICU mortality
  • Many advances but how important are the benefits?
  • Data casts new light on skeletal muscle mass

Anaesthesia International

ISSN 1754-9027
Published twice a year

In the latest issue

  • Monitoring brain function after severe brain damage
  • Staying awake? An update on sedation in the critically ill
  • Thoracotomy patients ineligible for epidural block
  • Cardiac biomarkers for pre-operative risk assessment

Cardiology International

ISSN 1468-8581
Published quarterly

In the latest issue

  • What does the future hold for renal denervation?
  • TAVI evolves to widen scope for patient choice
  • Is catheter-based renal denervation a novel therapy?
  • Biodegradable scaffolds - the changing picture

International Journal of Intensive Care

ISSN 1350-2794
Published quarterly

In the latest issue

  • Severe sepsis: new care standards to defeat an increasing disease
  • Today's role for fresh frozen plasma in critical care
  • Hypernatraemia in severe TBI in children
  • Managing PHPT calls for surgery and medical input

International Journal of Respiratory Care

ISSN 1747-1273
Published twice a year

In the latest issue

  • Biomarkers for acute exacerbations of COPD
  • New insights for spirometric testing in general practice
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome and hypertension
  • Reducing the risk of stroke in obese OSA patients

Ophthalmology International

ISSN 1750-1431
Published quarterly

In the latest issue

  • High myopia: confronting the clinical challenge
  • Risk factors with endophthalmitis following IVT
  • Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy’s role in treating pterygia
  • Biological agents for treating immune- mediated uveitis

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