Obesity in Children and Implications for Medical Interventions


  • Dr. Virat Nizom


Childhood obesity is a contemporary epidemic whose prevalence is ever increasing. The epidemic receives significant attention from the media regarding general awareness in the society and government. In addition, the acknowledgement emanates from health services and local governments regarding the need to curb the rise of obesity. In particular, the modern society continues to grapple with childhood obesity as one of the emergent and significant problems. Also, 75 percent of children in various states of the United States are affected by obesity. This statistic is alarming as the outcome implies that cases of child mortality are avoidable, yet they form crucial challenges to health sustenance groups. Perhaps, most controversial of all has been the proposal that parents should be held responsible for obesity in their children; citing parental negligence. Such a twist of events has already been witnessed in Ohio in 2011 when a boy weighing two hundred pounds was taken away from his parental care and put in a rehabilitation home. Cleveland Weight authorities claimed the mother of the boy was putting the health of the boy at risk. The crucial question is whether parents should be held responsible for obese children. Indisputably, issues in childhood obesity concern dilemmas regarding nature and nurture within social contexts. Whereas the nature of societal operations poses significant implications on childhood obesity, government interventions and nurture aspects such as dieting, physical exercise and lifestyle operations that include watching television continue to account for significant cases of childhood obesity. This paper explores the concept of childhood obesity, focusing on the causes, trends, implications and probable solutions to the health-related issues.



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