Prevalence and Management of Hypertension


  • Dr. Raizo K


Whereas mixed outcomes regarding the incidence, prevalence, and management of hypertension have been reported in most of the previous scholarly studies, an emerging trend is that hypertension is a risky condition whose associated comorbidities account for an increase in mortality rates – and a reduction in life expectancy. Indeed, hypertension causes psychological stress among the affected populations. The condition entails abnormally high blood pressure. The high blood pressure is mostly experienced in the hypertensive patients’ arteries. Secondary effects or complications have also been associated with hypertension. Some of these complications include heart disease, stroke, and the risk of death. This paper examines the subject of hypertension prevalence and management. from the findings, in African-Americans, the prevalence stands at about 39.1%. Among the whites, the rate of hypertension treatment and control has been estimated to be 35.4%. For local and national healthcare systems, it becomes essential to implement community needs assessment and family education strategies, with diet education and lifestyle adjustment on focus.



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