Medical Framework Effectiveness during Hypertension Patient Intervention


  • Dr. Raizo K


In this study, it was documented that effective blood pressure control depends on various factors and lifestyle behaviors, having gained insights from most of the previous scholarly studies. Thus, the main aim of the investigation was to determine some of the lifestyle modifications and factors linked to the control of blood pressure among patients using antihypertensive agents. The research design that was implemented involved the use of a survey technique. With the period of data collection stretching from July 2008 to June 2010 and that research context being Korea’s 15 selected hospital-based family practices, prospective sampling and retrospective assessments were utilized. The number of patients assessed was 1,453. Whereas individual questions aided in gaining insight into the participants’ lifestyles, a follow-up questionnaire that was administered in the later stages of the investigation strived to discern issues surrounding the control of the patients’ blood pressure.



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