About us

Greycoat Publishing began to build its reputation in medical publishing in 1991 with the launch of the British Journal of Intensive Care, soon followed by its sister publication the International Journal of Intensive Care, which is now read widely by intensive care specialists in 191 countries. The format of providing up-to-date and accessible articles in an attractive design proved highly successful, and the critical care titles have since been joined by similar quarterly journals focusing on cardiology, respiratory medicine, ophthalmology and anaesthesia.


At Greycoat we are acutely aware of the overwhelming quantities of research evidence and other data that medical specialists need to assimilate on a regular basis. This includes knowledge of the fast-changing availability of medical devices and instruments. The Greycoat journals are designed to present reviews, case studies and opinion pieces from leaders in the relevant field, alongside both clinical news and pertinent, detailed facts from manufacturers and their scientific and technical advisers. A particular objective at Greycoat is to ensure that this comprehensive package of topical and accurate information is available free of charge to doctors in developing nations as well as those in the industrialised world.

Head office

Greycoat Publishing is based in central London conveniently located for national and international transport links. A small editorial and production staff works here while news, research and advertising sales activities take place elsewhere in the UK. We maintain close contact with the journal editors who are all specialists in their medical discipline and work in practice, research or education settings, either in the UK, Europe or USA.